Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sunny days = productive days.

Well, for some, a long weekend means rest, relaxation, and maybe a whole lot of doing nothing.

Not around here!

A special, select few were "chosen" (aka begged) to come help us out today, as we made a big push to get all the wood-shavings down under the blueberry bushes. This keeps weeds at bay, and more importantly, helps in preventing the dreaded mummy-berry! A fungus that can do major damage to our crops. This weekend was prime mummy-berry growing weather, so it was very important to get those shavings in place. Thanks so much to Carissa, Dave, Jon C, Karen and Emerson, and Matt and his daughter! It wouldn't have happened all in one day without you guys. You are amazing friends! Here are some shots of the day!
Our beautiful blueberry bushes, starting to bud even more with the ever increasing amount of sun!

Dave, Josh, Marc, Jon C and Jon G haul the garbage pails full of shavings and distribute them at the base of the plants.

Jon G expertly driving the tractor through the muck at one end of the field. 

Tada! A thing of beauty.

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