Thursday, 22 March 2012

So. Many. Chickens.

Well, today brought 612 egg-laying chickens to our driveway! Our good friend Aaron dropped them off in his trailer, and customers started showing up to pick them up shortly after 8:30am. Here are some photos from the day!

They fit 15 to a cage, and if they didn't prefer to cuddle up into the corner they would fit a lot better in there.

Liz holds 'Gloria' as Hannah gives her a gentle pat. Hannah is used to chickens, her grandparents had some on their property where she grew up. 

Jeremiah was a little more cautious, and kept insisting on touching her face, which made Liz nervous she was going to teach him the hard way not to. Thankfully, that never happened!

Marc and Bryan loading a cage up.
Hannah holding our 'loaned' cat, Oliver!


Liz's gross boots and the driveway at the end of the day! Good thing we have a pressure washer!

Next chicken day is May 9th, and I believe we are already sold out of those as well. Chickens are popular, apparently!

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