Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gettin' er done.

As spring marches on, we continue to have more to do around our busy little farm! Our newest batch of chickens are doing well, and Marc decided it would be beneficial to make use of the large silo nearby, instead of separate bags for their feed. The one downside? The silo hadn't been used in quite some time. So, being braver than most of us, he geared up, and climbed inside armed with a scraper and the power-washer. It wasn't a fast job, nor particularly pleasant, but he was successful in the end, and we will soon be filling the silo with fresh chicken feed for our hungry, ever larger birds.
Another addition to our livestock is another calf! This past weekend brought 'January', a young female calf to join our other two out in the pasture. The event went smoothly - beyond a little chasing and mooing. How else can you get to know your new roommate?
We have all been very impressed with what a little elbow grease around here can do to spiff the place up. We have a 5th horse stall that hasn't been used in some time, and Liz recently went down to assess what it would take to get it up and going. Surprisingly, all it needed was a little TLC, and it looks as good as new! Only a few boards actually needed replacing, and Marc and Liz made good use of the pressure washer on the wood and floor of the stall, making it look surprisingly new. A little paint, and it'll be all ready for a brand new horse to live here on Meadowbrook! If you know of anyone looking to board a horse...talk to Liz!
The girls have also been hard at work in the front yard, weeding, and generally making the place look nice and spiffy for when we will have more customers arriving. The boys had a blast playing with shovels, and filling cups with worms, wood-bugs, snails, beetles and slugs. Isn't that what being a kid is all about around a farm? It won't be long before we'll be blessed with presentations of snakes, lizards and mice, I imagine!! A picnic on the lawn was just what the doctor ordered as well. After being stuck inside for a lot of the winter months, you could tell some sun and fresh air did wonders for their mood. Jeremiah, Ethan and Gabriel were a dynamic trio of bug hunters, getting along famously. The only issue cropped up at lunch time, when they were clearly hungry, and it was a matter of shoving the food into your face before the guy next to you ate yours as well! It's a boy eat sandwich world out there, and you better eat yours fast, or someone else will for you!
Here are some photos of some of the events I mentioned.
Marc, posing for the "Farmer's Calendar" with the pressure washer.

Coming up for air. It wasn't super pleasant in there to begin with!

January! Named for the month she was born in.

The boys grubbing around for....grubs.

"Here, have this worm!"

Jeremiah and Gabriel.

A nice shot of the front of our house. 

Even the cat was trying to get in on lunch!

Keep reading, everyone! I will be posting soon some 'journal' entries from all of us around here, about how life on the farm has been for each of us. Coming soon!

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