Friday, 27 April 2012

Jon Godbeer's Entry:

Has it really been three months? It seems like a good way.

So much has happened since that snowy week back in January. We have grown as a Farmily, learning how to communicate our differences. Frustrations come and go, as they always will, but we are stronger for it. There were many times when we all had a day where we thought “How can I do this another month, let alone 5-10 more years?”. We were referring to life as a group, of course. There were many people who thought we were crazy and we would not get along. I see them still perched upon their soapboxes waiting to say they told me so. This is for you.
We have and will continue to do this thing we call Farmily Life. We are learning to let others step in and help, even when we are too proud to ask. We are learning to pick up that dirty sock, even though the name on it says it is not ours. We are doing what needs to be done not because someone else will not do it, but because we could save someone else from having to. Community is at the heart of everything we do. Most days. We have our selfish moments where we step into a world that is just our immediate blood relations. Slowly the lines of blood and family begin to blur as we are realizing we need to treat each other like we are family, casting genetics, bloodlines, and legal documents aside. Community and family are becoming one. We give. We take. We must because we love each other.
We work hard. Everyone shoulders the load in a different ways. Some of us are better organizing and running things in the background, while others are the front line grunt, doing the labour. It all equals out. We give. We take. Before we started, each took on a role within the business. We felt our areas fit our strengths. We did not take on something we could not handle due to work. It all evened out. Even when we moved in to the house, we realized that there was house areas that needed someone to focus on them. Josh continued the theme of maintenance. I took on garbage and recycling. Marc looked after heating fuel and needs. The women worked out their systems for meal planning and groceries. What a well oiled machine we are…most days.
We have done a lot of things on the farm in the past few months. The daunting task of preparing for Blueberry season having never been very handy or green-thumbed was overwhelming at times. Victory through sheer volume. We conquered in force through our combined skills and ability to cover the work as a team. Marc works hard day after day whittling away at the main farm items. Liz, Laura, and Katie manage to get out in the fields, sometimes with kids in tow! Josh and I hit the ground running on the weekends to plow through bigger projects or make that last push to spring time. We have accomplished so much.
God is good.
We are so blessed to not only be able to do the things we are doing, but to be able to do it in the company of such fine people as our friends and family. The support of this community we are creating does not rest upon the six people living in this house. There are many hands helping make the load light (and I’m not just talking about work parties). We sing praise for the glory of God that shows around us in his land that we have been gifted as stewards.
We are crazy. We are crazy about God and about doing his works. So I guess if you naysayers wanted me to say it, there it is. We are crazy. But, we are crazy as a community. Crazy Farmily.


  1. Your are a very blessed farmily, you are living life the way it should be lived.

  2. So happy to hear things are going well! Your doing a very wonderful thing! Back the the roots of life, living as it should be! We were all given different talents and gifts, so we could work together, not on our own! Excited to hear more! God bless!

  3. I applaud every one of you, in your efforts to bring your precious "farmily" together, and work as one solid, concentrated force toward your goals. Not everyone could make a go of community living, as you've already showed that you can, and will. Keep up with your amazing work there on the farm, and keep the rest of us posted as to your ongoing progress.

  4. Jon,you are a poet! Blessings in abundance on your wonderful crazy Farmily.