Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Easter is of course a very special time for us Christians. Jesus Christ died for us, and we remember him this long weekend between the business of the farm and the kids clambering for chocolate. Despite the fact that we knew there may be chocolate fights, chocolate tantrums, and maybe a fair bit of "I found that one first!" we decided to put together an easter egg hunt for the kids Sunday morning. Laura was up into the wee hours of the morning hiding the little plastic eggs around the playroom and setting everything up. The morning came around and the Godbeer kids waited (somewhat) patiently for Jeremiah to finish eating his breakfast before tearing into the playroom. Here are some shots of the morning!

Marc literally holds the kids back before the fun begins!

Jeremiah, Ethan and Gabriel took a little longer to figure out the game, but not too long!

"Hey, sneaky orange egg!"

The playroom was a mess on purpose, making it extra hard to find them.

Once all the eggs were collected, Laura lined them up to trade in their collected eggs for some real chocolate. Nothing like a sugar high first thing in the morning!

Mmmm, I'm enjoying this now, but just wait until later when mommy says that's enough for now.

Later on, Laura and Katie newspapered and put plastic over the whole dining-room table and set up an egg-decorating station for Hannah, and the 3 boys. It went surprisingly well!

Jeremiah carefully painting his egg, and Hannah's already has some very artistic stripes on hers!

The boys did quite well, all things considered! There was only a handful of times where the dye was put somewhere other than the egg, but that was what the table coverings were for and there were no casualties. 

Tada! Not bad for 2 and a bit!

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