Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer is here!

Sometimes, it feels a bit like the calm before the storm.
The blueberries are growing ever bigger, and the crop is looking promising. The bees continue buzzing around, doing what they do best, and we wait patiently for the fruits of their labor. Literally!

Meanwhile, since there isn’t a while lot to do in the fields these days, Marc has been busying himself with mowing, weed-wacking, and working on his newest project, the pig area! That’s correct, Meadowbrook Farm is getting some pigs!
Marc did his research, and brought it to the business meeting several weeks ago, and we all voted to do a trial run. We’re starting small, just 4 piglets to start off with, but they’re due to arrive on the fourth, and we won’t lie, we’re a little excited. Marc and Katie designed and built a shelter for them, and after some red paint, you would think it was there all along. They will be hanging out near the cows, in a lush green pasture just waiting for those cute little noses to start exploring.
With the cooler weather, the house-hold has been mostly inside, entertaining children and tackling some of the housework that may have been ignored when the weather was so beautiful. When the weather was nicer, Marc spent a couple days cleaning and filling our pool! It’s going to be a life-saver once the weather turns hot for longer periods.  Pool party anyone?
Unfortunately it's still a little chilly! We obtained some solar panels, thanks to Liz and Katie's dad Mike, and we hope to set those up soon. 
Liz has been working on a fun project recently, which is running around the property and the house with a video camera! She hopes to put together enough footage of entertaining farm and farmily goings-on that she can make a mock reality show episode or two. Watch for a preview here, and maybe a video tour of our farm!

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  1. Can't wait to meet the little piglets. Love your blogs.