Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Coming to Life.

Meadowbrook is buzzing.
Our bees arrived last week, and they have set the fields humming with their wonderful pollinating skills. Blueberries, here we come!

The bees aren't the only things roaming around our little farm. Liz spotted some baby geese paddling along the pond the other day, and at times the birds and frogs can be deafening. Spring has certainly sprung!
Marc has been hard at work around the farm as well. The grass, although not high on the priorities list when blueberry bushes are concerned, still needs mowing, and now that the bulk of the work (for now) is done in the fields, he has moved on to other projects around the place. A big job he recently tackled, with the help of Jon when he could, was to clear away some of the brush from along the edges of the fields. These bushes can hide berry stealing birds, so it was important to try and clear away as much as we could. And who knew there was a fence hiding under there?

The Farmily has taken full advantage of the nice weather as well. Last Friday, Katie, Laura and Liz packed up the kids and headed to Island View beach for some much needed vitamin D. We couldn't have asked for better weather - the water was calm, and it wasn't too hot. The kids immediately grabbed their buckets after wolfing down their lunch, and went to hunt some crabs. Here are some shots from their adventures on the rocky shore!

Yogurt? What yogurt? I'm done.

Charlotte relaxes in her carseat.

Elijah, the maharajah, takes a cat-nap in the shade.

Evelyn, the goof, just finished eating her lunch!

Jeremiah: "Come on!" Ethan: "Ewwww." (He's been stopped by some offending seaweed.)

The offending seaweed. Apparently a beach deal-breaker. At least for a while...

Evelyn and Elijah, having some cousin bonding time under the umbrella.

Gabriel, looking slightly worried. Maybe his crabs escaped?
There they are!

Unfortunately, our beach trip ended on a sour note, with Elijah scaring everyone to death by not breathing for several seconds, and then was later admitted to the hospital when it happened again after dinner. Some antibiotics, and 5 days in the hospital under observation, and he's right as rain. Thank the Lord!
Elijah and Liz got home just in time for 'chicken Tuesday'. Marc drove up with our hefty chickens at 7 in the morning, and arrived back home with...the chicken. We knew we were in trouble when we opened the first box and weighed the first chicken in at....10.08lbs. Liz reminded everyone that she wasn't kidding when she said we should have advertised them as turkeys! Most people were quite forgiving. Thankfully, the chicken leftovers make excellent soup!!

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