Sunday, 3 June 2012


They are here!

And you have to admit, slightly cute. Piggy squeals and all, we unloaded them from the truck this afternoon, and let them run free in their piggy enclosure. They've already napped, and are back out in the long grass, snorting and snuffling around! They are still fairly people shy, but very curious. If you sit in one spot for long enough they will come up to you and sniff around. Marc showed them where their food and water was, and it wasn't long before the shuffling and pushing to get at it ensued!

Name at your own risk...

We have four in total, and we will have them until about October. Then it will be time to assess if we think we should get more or not! According to Marc, they grow faaaast. I will post more shots of them in a week or so, and you will be able to see for yourself how much they've grown!
Jon and Marc also spent some time this morning digging up and re-locating some of our 'home-grown' manure for our garden. It's very handy having such a bountiful supply of good soil. Once you dig past the stuff that was added yesterday...hehe.

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  1. cutteeeeeeee 0_0 oh man. This is probably really naive but are these guys going to be bacon or are you thinking of keeping them to make future little bacons lol.