Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chickens to Chicken

So as Katie pointed out this morning, why is it when chickens are alive, we call them chickens, plural, but when we buy it from the store, no matter the quantity, we call it chicken? Good question Katie, and one I don't have an answer for.
All this chicken talk can only mean one thing. You guessed it - chicken processing day was today!
Marc and Liz woke up bright and early (5am) to bundle up and head out to the chicken barn and chase some chickens around. Actually, they are quite sleepy still at that time, so there was very little chasing. No one lost any fingers or got clawed, which is always a plus. Once they were snug in their cages once again, they fired up the truck, and Mark, Liz and Elijah (getting his first business trip out of the way early) hummed out of the driveway and headed up island.
Once the chickens were dropped off, they had the morning and afternoon to kill (sorry, bad pun there) and their first stop was following their tummies to a bakery Marc used to work for for some baked goods and a warm beverage. Unfortunately, the key they had only started the truck, it didn't unlock it. So while they waited patiently, Katie packed the kids up and drove them a set of keys that would do both. It was tedium, but as Josh pointed out - "hey, you said you needed to kill some time, right?"
The rest of the afternoon was spent here and there, and before long it was time to go get the 'chicken'. Nicely boxed, they packed up the truck again, and headed back home to sort, weigh, and package.
It was a relief the trip was so painless. We had a great turnout, according to our mentors, with only one casualty. (It happened the night before, too. Go figure.)
So there you have it! Chicken success! Place your order now! :)

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