Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Settling In.

Well it's been over a week of the Godbeers, McIlveens, and Uptons all living under one roof, and no one is deceased yet!
Life is settling into a nice routine around here. The boys are gone most of the day, with the exception of the tired looking ghost Marc who is working at a bakery doing his usual night shifts, and the girls are dividing their time around the house between kids, housework, farm work, and more kids. Did I mention kids?
Today Liz wandered around the property with Elijah in tow and took some photos for everyone's enjoyment. Here you go!
Cliff tossing down bales of hay to Marc in the cow barn.

Our bare looking blueberry bushes! Not for long though!

The view across the lake towards the rental house and large chicken barn.

Marc peeking through the window into the cow barn.

The view I enjoy on my way to feed the cows every day!

The cow barn and part of the cow field.

Sully being a nutter and waiting for me to kick the stick he so carefully selected.

Our cows, T-Bone and Rib-Eye. Heh.

Not kidding, the view from our kitchen. Amazing.

Many more photos will be taken, no worries. There are none from inside here as of yet, since we are still in the process of 'beautifying' it!


  1. Awesome photo's (of course!) Liz :) Thanks for the great update too. Glad you're all getting your "farm legs" ;)

  2. I'm so happy you guys are here... so many memories for me at this place, since I was a little kid. Good to know it's in good hands, and I can still come visit!