Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Moving Day!

Well, it had to go and snow on moving day.

Victoria is normally such a mild place to live, and normally we would love to see some snow during the winter months. But on moving day? Pass.
The farm seems to get more snow than other areas too, so while some parts of Victoria had hardly any snow, the boys were already having difficulties getting the moving truck up the fairly steep driveway to the main house! It was a near thing, and Josh's well planned bucket of salt was put to good use (all of it) and Katie and Marc were successfully moved in Monday night. We woke up to more snow Tuesday morning, but Jon and Laura are troopers, and with some help, by the end of Tuesday they were all moved in as well. Karen and Wendy were our kitchen super heros Tuesday night and made everyone a wonderful hot meal in our new kitchen. Homemade pizzas, fresh fruit, casseroles - it was a welcomed feast after trekking through snow and ice and hauling boxes up and down flights of stairs. Susan watched the kids in their new play area as Katie put together the soft foam flooring (brilliant, by the way) and the kids were tired by the end of the night. Sue helped holding little ones and Mike and Emerson lugged boxes till we begged them to take a break. Where would we be without friends and family?
Josh and Liz plan on moving most of their belongings on Saturday - which is a good thing because as of Wednesday there is now a foot and a half burying the farm. No driving today!
Life on the farm is off to a slightly chillier start than we had all imagined, especially after such a mild pre-curser to this weather, but soon we will all be settled in. We are very excited. Most of us can't wait until the snow stops so we can start doing various things around the property!

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