Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The haunting of the Noro!

Well, as we have learned, living in a big house has it's ups, and it's downs. This past week, we have learned what 'communal' living can really be all about.
You got it, we all got sick.
As some of you may have learned, the Noro-virus is spreading through Victoria like some kind of bathroom nightmare, and the Farmily was no exception. It's fast, but it's brutal, and living in one big house only means there was more people to spread it to. Thankfully, the littlest ones didn't seem affected, and Jeremiah and Hannah only had it for a small amount of time. Us adults however...well let's just say it's a good thing we all have our own washrooms. And one to spare.
On a better note, we pick up our chickens this evening! Soon the chicken barn will be a feathery, poopy, smelly place to be, but as for now it is pristine and all ready for the noisy arrival of some odd 70 chickens.
Photos to follow!

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