Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Where has the time gone?

Well it's been 5 months since we last posted, and for that we apologize! Where does the time go? I suppose when one owns a farm, as well as working a normal job, and to top it off having more kids, the hours of the day get eaten up faster than you can say blueberry smoothy.
Speaking of our blueberries, they are quickly developing out there! A walk through the fields promises to give us another good year. Due to our busy schedules, pruning was a little more tough this year, but the guys got er' done, with a little help here and there.
April 1st brought us the newest addition to the farmily, Arya Katelyn Ivy Upton! Josh and Elizabeth welcomed their daughter to the farm on Easter Monday and she quickly settled in to life in the noise. She seems to be able to sleep through almost anything!
Some other changes around here included Marc becoming a car salesman, and the farm hired Ronald as our farm-hand for this season. He's been doing a wonderful job weed-wacking, mowing, brush removal...you name it!
We've had some hot days recently, and some rainy days as well, so we're still not sure when those blueberries will start turning that beautiful shade of blue. We await those days eagerly. For now, we're working on renovating the store front, and making it look nice for when our wonderful customers start arriving!

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  1. Shameless plug. I got bored and started a blog on various farm related stuffs too.


    I will also be touching on some of the farmily life stuff, but my true passion for the blog is detailing some of the stuff we do on the farm surrounding DIY projects, sustainability, environment, recycling.

    More farmily life for all of our faithful!