Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No, we are not growing cranberries.

Strange title you say? Not if you had looked out at the blueberry fields this morning, which had Liz doing a double take and quickly calling the house to come see what was up.
Water. And a lot of it! It apparently spent quite a lot of time raining yesterday, and all through the night, causing the waterways snaking through various parts of our property to swell, and in most cases, completely overflow. We quickly called the old owners, and he assured us that although it can look a little alarming the first time you see it, it has happened before, and the blueberry bushes were none the worse for wear because of it! Liz quickly snatched up her camera and headed out with Katie and the kids for an adventurous walk around the property to see where else was flooded. Well, see for yourselves!
This of course makes the water look waist high, which it wasn't. Kind of a neat photo though!

One of the rows, totally submerged!

This was where we cut down our Christmas tree this past Christmas! You can see the remaining trees have a bit of an island around their base.

The view Liz noticed this morning. "Uhhh, guys? Something's not quite right down in the fields!!"

The water rushing almost river-like over the fields.

This is the horse pasture, not our lake. Something tells me it's going to need some time to dry out...

Katie hauling one of the boys over the flowing water that covered a lot of the path that leads to the horse meadow.

Jesse, keeping an eye on the remaining kids waiting to cross. Very diligent, girl!

This is the brand new bridge Josh built at the end of the summer. It's a little....askew...but the good news is it floats!!

Another shot of the path that leads to the horse meadow. This part of the road was affected the most, due to the fact there is usually a (much smaller) river that runs parallel to it, which of course overflowed.

The reflections are kind of neat!

Gabriel and Jeremiah wait patiently for Katie to bring Ethan across the "giant river".

The water is probably about a foot deep around here. Deeper in some, and shallower in others, but still interesting to navigate! The kids didn't come into this part, for obvious reasons.

It's a little hard to tell in this photo, but the water is probably only inches below this bridge. During the dry patch of the summer, the water was a small little trickle several FEET below.

Fence? What fence?

An interesting shot where you can see the direction the water is flowing.

Katie, crossing another river with one of the boys. This shot doesn't do a good job of showing how deep and fast this section was flowing, but you could really feel it tug at your feet!

Facing the opposite direction from the last photo; where some more of the water wound up. 

Hard to believe this is usually just a small stream that runs down this hill in the winter!

 Liz took this shot before she even got to the deeper parts. At some points, she wasn't sure her boots would be high enough!

So there you go. Some excitement to start off the year. Marc has pointed out several times lately that our farm should really have a camera for occasions just like this one. It really was quite spectacular!

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