Monday, 9 July 2012

Turning Blue!

No, we're not going blue. But our berries are! Our (and your!) wait is almost over!
Something fun we did several nights ago was carefully, and precisely (ha) release ladybugs onto our blueberry plants. This is a natural and safe way to take care of those pesky little aphids that so love the plants. The tricky part? There were 2000 of them, and they all wanted out of the bag!

The trick is to even distribute them. So ideally you want one lady bug per plant. Did I mention there were 2000 of them?
You also need to do it at dusk, and preferably when it's cool, so they stay 'asleep'. 
Saturday was a fun day for the Farmily! We celebrated Elijah's first birthday, Charlotte's first birthday, and Jeremiah's third birthday! Marc stayed up all night making a Thomas the Tank Engine train for the party, and it was well worth it. Family arrived at 2ish, and we all had fun with the kids in the pool, on the deck with bubbles, and generally enjoying being outside in the beautiful weather!
The pool wasn't very warm, but the kids enjoyed themselves.

Goofball Gabriel!

Jess was very diligent with the kids.

Hannah blowing bubbles with the new wands!

Cake and present time! Charlotte opens a present with daddy.

Cake. For the first time. Of course, most of it was just something to play with, but some got to his mouth!

The little suit Mike and Wendy bought him!

He loved the candle.

Goofy grin!!

Marc's amazing cake!

Jeremiah got a super cool Thomas station, which has been entertaining him non-stop since he got it!

Overall, it was a very successful day. Kids had fun, and the grown-ups enjoyed some time with their grandkids. Stay tuned for more updates on the blueberries!

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